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The work of Fútbol-proXtalents academy is aimed at covering all the needs of the player throughout his professional career, financial, tax, legal, image management and communication advice services, thanks to a prestigious highly qualified professional team. One of the features of our work is the support for young soccer players. We make a commitment to the promises that shine in the base categories, for this we have an innovative methodology together with development planning.

The academy offers unique professional training experiences. Our experience in the world of football and our extensive network of contacts allow us to offer sports and leisure programs adapted to all needs and for all kinds of groups, whether national or international. High-performance training and technical classes with the best professionals, pre-season stages, tournaments or friendly matches with the most competitive teams, etc.


Fútbol-pro X talents revolves around football, we seek maximum performance for student footballers. In our programs we have agreements with first division clubs so that they follow up and send detailed reports on the evolution of the players.


Our educational program is the means through which we transfer our methodology based on tactical periodization, training students for the world of football and for life. Education through sport.


We value the acquisition of new creative technical actions: visualization, adaptation, improvement and autonomous application.

  • Observation of reference technical actions
  • Interpretation of observed technical actions
  • Systematic refinement of performed technical actions
  • Autonomous use of technical actions


At the beginning of each course, a prognostic analysis of the player is carried out, the training plan is defined and a technical report is made that records his evolution.

The individual technique continues to be worked on, all actions and tactical systems, both individual and collective, are reviewed, physical abilities are enhanced, preparing the player in his stage, which can be the prelude to professional football.

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During the season we cover all the player’s needs with an annual program that includes:

  • Technification and high performance classes
  • Physical preparation and injury prevention
  • Technical-Tactical Classes
  • Coaching sessions
  • tournaments and events
  • Representation and sports advice and negotiations with clubs.
  • Price of the service €800