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Personal and professional development.

A few years ago few people in football knew about coaching. Currently, the vast majority of people linked to the world of elite football know or have successfully worked with football coaching.

More important, if possible, is its introduction as a work tool in grassroots or training football, which is why our professionals, led by Xabi González, committed to grassroots football and knowledgeable about professional elite football, make available to clubs both professional and training or quarry, sports associations of any sports field, schools, coaches and players.

Tournaments, conferences and workshops where, individually or in groups, the sports coach lays the foundations for any sports project.

  • Days: Designed for individual sessions with players, coaches or sports directors.
  • Workshops: designed for group classes with teams, technical staff or directives.
  • Conferences: Designed for clubs, sports schools, universities, etc.

During the process, an action plan will be established that will be carried out through a series of tools, which should not always be the same. The sports coach will use all his resources in a personalized way to help the footballer, coach or team achieve their goals. The true architect of success is the client himself, who, with the support of the coaching professional, will be able to learn, progress and improve both personally and at a sporting level.

Thanks to the good work of sports coaches and the very positive experiences and results achieved with football coaching, more and more players, coaches and teams are working with a sports coaching professional.

I encourage you to take that step and see firsthand what coaching can do for you.

Coaching consists of helping someone to think for themselves, to find their answers, to discover their potential within themselves, their path to success (in business, in personal relationships, in sports).

John Whitmore


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