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Stages Clinic

For professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs

Aimed at professional, semi-professional and amateur clubs, including support staff (staff, family members, etc.), we make available to national and international clubs all the organization and infrastructure necessary for a comfortable and reliable stage away from daily stress, where teams can work in a relaxed and professional way with everything they need at their fingertips.

Services included:

  • Trip organization for national or international travel, including reception and transfer to hotels or residences.
  • Accommodation in hotels or residences with half-board or full-board options, ranging from 3-star to 5-star luxury categories.
  • Access and transfers (if necessary) to sports facilities, training fields, gym, medical area (physiotherapy and recovery, etc.), audiovisual classrooms, and coaching sessions.
  • Organization of recreational and cultural activities for players, coaching staff, or family members, including visits to points of interest (museums, stadiums, cinemas, theaters, etc.), sightseeing tours (cities, towns, beaches, mountains, etc.), outdoor sports activities (hiking, quads, kayaking, etc.), and other sports (golf, paddle tennis, etc.).

Awarded with prizes

Our most precious prize is to see
our students in continuous progression. We offer full dedication to each of the students we take care of.

Team with large experience

Your project will be managed by experts at all times. We guarantee that you will always have working for you the most experienced professionals.

Fully guaranteed quality

You’ll find the help you need to make sure things work properly. we are here for answer any question that you have


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