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We manage the sporting and economic interests of players throughout their professional career. We take care of all the footballer’s needs off the field so that he can focus solely and exclusively on his sporting and academic activity. We believe in comprehensive support for the player, looking for the best possible sports project for each stage, but also helping in the management of other key areas such as educational training, when it comes to underage players and press management, the rights of image and questions of a legal and fiscal nature.

Isma Franco 2005

Attacking player who can develop his football as a wing player since he has good overflow, speed and a great lateral pass.
He dominates the inside game perfectly, playing behind the striker or even as a striker, his dynamic game with mastery of several registers makes him a remarkable player in any of the attacking positions.

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David Caparros 2006

David Caparrós is a different player, he is the player we want to have when what we are looking for someone different. All imagination, he leads the organizational game in attack with an unusual speed of action, making the right decisions in pressure situations, good dribbling, elegant driving, change of pace, last pass with the ability to always find the best positioned teammate. His ability to arrive from the second line and his shot at short and medium distance make him a player who scores goals throughout the season. Defensively, he balances well and handles pressure and holding times perfectly in any of the blocks.

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Ramon Godoy 2005

Godoy is pure force, an uncontrollable gale in the last zone of the field in front of goal or creating spaces for his teammates. great strength is always having the goal as an objective, his speed and strength allows him to enter from behind in fast-paced drives remembering the great Ronaldo Nazario, with 190 cm and a powerful jump makes him infallible in aerial shots thus giving the most precious thing in football: Guarantee of Goal

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Arouna Dang A.Bissene

Dominant foot: Left

Arouna is a corpulent, muscular and powerful player, hence his nickname “Tanque”. These characteristics make him an overwhelming player, difficult to defend in duels, infallible in the aerial ball and impossible to win the position in the game from behind.
His powerful body is just a tool to develop his individual technique. Although his dominant profile is left-footed he has good ball handling with both legs. Good dribbling on the run, speed and lethal shot at medium or long distance.
Inside the area he is a new pure with various registers and technical resources to score goals either in direct shot or individual play.
Solidarity player in the effort, with a decisive and forceful press after loss, disciplined in any type of pressure and in different blocks. Very intelligent when reading the opponent’s game, promoting a lot of ball stealing and forcing losses. Offensively he is the player who plays and makes play, generates a lot of space for himself and his teammates, generates many area plays always with the goal in mind

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Sergio Carmona is a player with a left-handed profile, his natural position is left-back but thanks to his speed, great physical display and ability with the ball he can carry out his task, his forcefulness and a clean ball exit also make him have the possibility of playing central. Carmona has his strength in daily training, he is the player that all coaches want to have, his ability to work is out of the ordinary, professional, responsible and with room for improvement that makes him, even being youth. part of the first team of C.D Toledo, being the meteoric projection of him towards professional football.
In this season 22/23 Sergio Carmona has played 21 games in the youth category division of honor accumulating 1900 minutes of play being the player of the day on several occasions and proposed for the ideal 11 of the category. With the first team in 3rd Federation has played 7 games, 6 of them as a starter and chosen on one occasion for the ideal 11 of the day thus becoming a relevant and important player for his club and one of the young players with more projection for professional soccer.

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Player with a right-handed profile raised in the At de Madrid youth academy with a magnificent career playing all the YOUTH LEAGUE games. Defensively he is disciplined, with a lot of intelligence to always be well placed in the zone, strength to take marks and competitor in duels. Offensively he is very vertical, with great development and a ball hit at the level of the elite, either for the direct shot on goal, in play or from set pieces or for the pass, from the side or filtered player with experience in the best quarries of Spain and in international leagues such as the Italian one.

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